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Credit Repair

Bad Credit Costs

The difference between a poor and excellent credit score is hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in interest payments. That means less money in your pockets and more missed opportunities.

If you’re reading this you’ve already taken the first step to credit restoration which is research. The credit repair process is complex and when attempted alone, you can find yourself frustrated and disappointed. 

Our credit repair services fix a wide range of issues impacting your score. From late payments to tax liens and everything in between, by working with us you will see a jump in your credit score of up to 100 points in just 30 days!

We offer two solutions to assist you on your journey to A+ credit and a more successful life.

The VIP Credit Transformation

What’s included:

Monthly audit

Access to Back Portal

We Challenge All Negative Items on Your Credit Report

Unlimited customer support

Designated Finance Specialist

Credit Education

Accomplish your credit goals in just 5 months or MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED!

What’s included:

Master Your Fico DIY Credit Repair Kit

The Same Challenge Documentation We Use Available To You

Facebook Support Group

Accomplish Your Credit Goals in Just 3-5 Months!

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